Swellendam Diaries an unforgetable roadtrip!


Are you an adventure loving, thrill seeking, adrenaline pumping traveler?

Are you looking for an alternative to the well-explored Garden Route?

Do you love discovering hidden gems in the Western Cape?

If you said YES! to any of the above question, it is time for you to visit Swellendam! 

Between Ovi & myself, we have lived in Cape Town for over 8 years now.  True for any expatriate / traveler / global nomad, we took every opportunity possible to explore Western Cape and beyond since we moved to this gorgeous country!  Venturing along Garden Route, Karoo desert, West Coast, Namaqualand,  Stellenbosch/ Franschhoek winelands, you name it.

Imagine our surprise when we received the invite to join a 5 day bloggers trip to explore Swellendam, organized by Swellendam Tourism Brand Manager, Amanda Shackley.  Swellendam had been a convenient stop-over restroom break, petrol refill or a biltong stop.  But we’ve never actually spent a full day in this historical town…!

Boy, were we in for a treat!   Think unexplored wilderness; gorgeous sunrises; adventures reaching the skies; down rivers and into the ocean; droolicious artisan eateries / restaurants; impeccable wine farms… all with eccentric twists infused by Swellendam residents!

We are slowly putting our thoughts and photos together in a blog series: Swellendam Diaries.  

We will share our adventures day by day, you will see what a fun-filled itinerary we had!

Follow our epic roadtrip and get started planning YOUR next trip to Swellendam!

Dawn of Swellendam: Day One



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