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3-course Dinner at Charcoal Dining! Dine with Chef Roy van Litsenborgh


New Restaurant: Charcoal Dining in the Heart of Cape Town

Charcoal Dining Winter marks a time to share cozy meals with friends, warming up next to a fireplace and chatting over wine…! Come meet new friends and rediscover Cape Town!

Roy van Litsenborgh from Charcoal Dining Charcoal Dining is the love child between restauranteur Roy van Litsenborgh & designer Bettina Scheffler. Since moving to Cape Town, they wanted to create a personalised and intimate fine dining venue in the city! The dream came to life through Bettina’s passion for interior design and Roy’s vast culinary experience (think Pepper Club, Rhodes Memorial Restaurant, Richard’s Supper Stage).

Roy & Bettina’s menu changes weekly, using local seasonal produce from Oranjezicht City Farm, free range and organic supplies wherever possible!



The FINAL MENU for our 3-course Dinner will be announced July 7th! Meanwhile, here are some teasers from the June 25th menu:

STARTER: (Tasting platters to be shared)

  • Choriso, Pimento, Sun Dried Tomato, Pine Nuts, Cherry Tomato salad
  • Homemade Fettucine with Prawn, Kingklip, Veloute
  • Roast Spicy Tomato Soup

MAINS: (Vegetarian, Fresh linefish/ tuna, and a Red meat option)

  • Lamb Ragout, Sweet Potato Fries, Seasonal Vegetables
  • Grilled Ostrich Fillet Medallions with Orange, Ginger, Dates, Pomegranate and winter salad
  • Seared Tuna, Avocado, Lime, Chilli Salsa with Cherry Tomato, Olive, Anchovy, Rocket Salad
  • Homemade Ravioli stuffed with Wild Mushroom, Artichoke with Tomato & Chilli

DESSERTS: (Tasting platters to be shared)

  • Homemade Organic Blackberry Sorbet with Tuille Wafer, Granadilla Sauce
  • Fresh Berry Pavlova, Crème Anglaise & Chocolate
  • Belgian Waffle drizzled with Hazelnut Syrup, scoop of homemade Lemon Cheesecake Ice Cream

LIMITED seats available, book now to secure your spot!

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Ovidiu Pacuraru
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"I love to ask locals what they had for lunch: to find Cape Town classics like the Steak, Egg, and Cheese Masala sandwich!"

Ovi is a passionate hobby cook and always looking to re-create and modify every dish he tastes! Ovi is a big subscriber to fusion food, and sometimes he just feels like whipping up one of his childhood favorites: a fusion of Romanian/German dishes.
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