A Travelmassive event with Travelstart


Travelmassive events are always a lot of fun. For content creators and bloggers, they are also a welcome event to network and catch up on the latest travel gossip of our industry. So, it comes as no surprise that I was very much looking forward to the event.

Dawn Jorgensen (the talented writer of the Blog – The IncidentalTourist), Linda Markovina (freelance photographer and travel journalist) and Lyle Scritten (PR specialist at Travelstart) had picked and organized the breathtakingly beautiful Travelstart office for the night, which is located at the Longkloof Studios in Gardens. Imagine a loft-like, extremely spacey office in lite and welcoming colours. The designer of the space clearly opted for the optimal space to create a team-work flow and I must admit I would love to play mouse for a week and see how working in a space like this feels!

Stephan F. Ekbergh, the CEO and owner of Travelstart, and Linda Balme (Direct Sales Manager at Travelstart) were kind enough to bring across what Travelstart is all about. For those of you who don’t know Travelstart is one of the biggest online travel agencies in South Africa that has a web-presence in 5 countries in Africa as well as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. Stephan build the company from scratch and could beat his competitors with persistence, charm and the need to feed his family of four. In other words, Drive. Considering that, he did a marvelous job and you can see the love and passion that made sure that the company succeeded.

While I listened to Stephan and later Linda I opted for the Doodle Station and let my creative side take control. Sometimes you feel more like doing something meditative and relaxing so I doodled away in order to show what “The Art of Travel” meant to me. I was quite happy with my result and entered it into the contest and guess what – I won!!! Lucky me has now a bit of extra travel funds in my savings for a trip to Durban that I have planned for Easter. This was not the end of my luck for the evening. My name was drawn in the raffle as well and I won a beautiful selection of Drifter beers. If you know me at all, I am not a fan of beer but I personally can tell you that I very much like the Drifter – Cape Town Blonde. It was the Buchu Gin and Tonic though, that took my breath away. A must try for those hot Cape Town summer nights!

Make sure to join us at the next Travelmassive if you are part of the industry. Most likely this will be a year-end function!

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