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Acupuncture with Nepheritie Jade - overcoming my fear of needles


This year for me has been all about taking on challenges I am afraid of and making them come true. I have taken on that motto at the beginning of the year and already have been rewarded many times for my guts.

I am terrified of needles and if you have known me long enough you will have seen me faint in what I imagine a graceful manner (okay, I probably did not look great and was drooling all over the floor but it’s my story!). So, as I got the opportunity to participate in my first acupuncture session via Evolution Café Xperience I decided to take on this fear of mine head on.

The age-old Chinese practice of Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body. It is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine. A lot of people are convinced of the positive effects. In my particular session, the needles were inserted into pressure points in my ears in order to detox my body.

The beautiful Nepheritie as one of the store owners of Evolution Café Xperience sees herself as modern healer and offers a variety of boosts for your physical health. Nepheritie is a certified hypnosis trainer, a timeline therapy trainer, a certified neuro-linguistics practitioner and on top of all of this she practices acupuncture.

Nepheritie started her journey to health due to a shock induced diabetes. Personal trauma let her discover her physical limits. On top of this someone quite close in her life developed a terrible addiction and she discovered acupuncture as a tool to assisting him and herself to overcome these challenges. Amazed by her personal success she encouraged others to use acupuncture.

I myself am convinced of the positive effects but due to my fear of needles I had never tried and here was my opportunity. While being treated to wonderful Matcha tea and Nepheritie’s powerful story she started the process. First, she wiped my ears to disinfect them and then she inserted very pretty copper looking needles into the pressure points in my ear. They are tiny but my heart started to race immediately. At this point, I must admit that my attention for anything Nepheritie said went right out of the window.

I felt blood rushing to my head and a familiar fight or flight response in my body. There were needles in my ear and I did not feel like the belonged.

Nepheritie was almost done but I had to start fighting with my body in order not to faint. She saw my response and ensured me that this is a very normal reaction and that I will soon feel better. I was not so sure. I asked for some water and sipped on it trying to tell myself that there is nothing to worry about. Nepheritie was so kind to slowly walk me through the process and told me that I will need some alone time to process and let the magic take its course. The needles remain in your body for 45 mins. They are inserted only a couple of millimeters into your skin and the pain – if you can call it that – is less than when you pluck an unwanted hair from your body. All of this, I told myself trying to keep calm! However, after some time my breathing went back to normal, I gained control over my body, stopped sweating irrationally and even responded to some tweets and took a selfie.

The moment I calmed down I felt overwhelming tiredness. I kind of wanted to lay down and sleep right in the café. The friendly staff kept me company and eventually Nepheritie came back to remove the needles. She advised me that I should listen well to my body for the next 24 hours and to drink a minimum of 2-3 liters of water. I was so tired that I skipped my workout routine and made my way home. I snuggled up on the couch, had lots of Chai tea and went to bed at 9pm. That night I slept like a baby while simultaneously being conscious of my body. A bit of a weird feeling in fact but I woke well rested and ready to take on my Friday like a champ.

I am quite proud that I managed to take on this challenge. So, go try it out for yourself and experience what it can do for your body. I am sure Nepheritie will help you on your journey to health and wellbeing.

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