Once in a while there is a restaurant that I really want to try! I hear and read about it, the reviews are amazing and what they have to offer makes my taste buds tingle in anticipation. Burger & Lobster was definitely on this bucket list. I even had my husband convinced to visit them on his birthday. Now you must know that my husband – whom I love dearly – is not a foodie. His idea of a good restaurant is one that he tried and approved of. He will then proceed to visit the same restaurant over and over like a Foodie Groundhog Day.

Unfortunately for me, at the last minute he decided to not visit Burger & Lobster. Devastated I agreed, it was his birthday after all! So, this was exactly the story I told my friend Rachel. She laughed and immediately agreed to visit the restaurant with me. As you can imagine I was beyond excited and the expectations were high!

In this exact mood, I arrived at the restaurant. Rachel joined me shortly after and we were greeted by a lovely waiter and a simple menu. I love a simple menu! It makes my life easier – especially when I am hungry, which I usually am – and ensures that the food is good quality.

There was the B&L Burger with 250 g steak beef (R139), served with streaky bacon and cheese, the Lobster Roll which contained Lobster Tail dressed in Japanese mayo served in a freshly made brioche (R179) and a whole Lobster steamed or steamed and finished on the grill (check at restaurant).

And then there was the WINTER SPECIAL for R 139 (runs until end of August) that will get you a 70g B&L Burger, half a Lobster brioche, Lobster bisque (soup) & fries. Add R 25 and your skinny fries will be topped with parmesan and truffle. DO IT, I DARE YOU!

As this was our first visit we obviously choose the above. I was so hungry that I forced poor Rachel to order before she had a glass of wine but as soon as this arrived she already had forgiven me for my impatience.

They also have a two-for-one happy hour special (selected wine by the glass, cocktails and draught beers) that runs daily from 16h00 – 19h00. So, do take advantage of this.

In true journalistic style, Rachel and I proceeded to speak to the manager about the restaurant. The obvious question at the table was that lobsters are on the Red List. We asked how they manage with this difficulty and the manager admitted that this was a challenge, however, that they had started to import South Coast Lobster (not on the Red List) and they also offer the option to choose Shrimp instead of Lobster in case a guest is very conscious about this issue. I really loved the honest approach but what had me going the most was how passionate the manager spoke about their creations. The beef for the burgers is ground twice in a 24-hour process and the patty is pure lean meat (no breadcrumbs peeps). They really concentrate on the quality of the food. This you can see and taste in their products. They go as far as to hire a baker that comes every day and is only responsible for baking brioche for the Lobster roles. That is all she does and let me tell you these are melt on your tongue brioches. They alone are well worth the visit.

They do also offer vegetarian burgers and if you are allergic against shellfish, don’t fret, they prepare food separately.

Needless to say that we stuffed our faces and enjoyed every bite. I even ordered an extra burger for my husband to take home.

The manager did realize that we are bloggers so he treated us to dessert. I was so full but as our waiter arrived with the beautiful selection right at your fingertips we decided to have a go at their Crème Brule. I was not disappointed and must admit that this was one of the best desserts I had in a long time!

Are you hungry yet? If so visit them and tell us what you think.

P.S.: My husband loved the burger!

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