Café Royale enjoying 19th century elegance


Café Royale lays nestled in the shadow of its big brother – the Cape Royal hotel. It is petite and designed in the same style as the hotel. We get a warm welcoming feeling as we step into the beautiful little café with flower pots and umbrellas. It has a touch of 19th century elegance and is just the right size for a place to feel comfortable and cozy.

We decide to spend our Sunday lunch on a slightly cooler summer day at this very spot. Upon arrival we are promptly taken to our seats and are offered something to drink. We decide to sit in the shade as we both have forgotten to put on sunscreen. Our drinks are with us in the blink of an eye and so is the lunch menu. Café Royale has only opened its door in August 2015 again and is offering a variety of Breakfast and Lunch choices. As I ask the waiter when the peak times of the restaurant are, he mentions that breakfast time can be busy but that lunch is usually a bit quieter. I can imagine that, as part of the hotel guests probably eat at the cute Parisian Café. After taking our order for food we are introduced to the hotel managers. Lovely people that offer to assist us in any way possible.

While waiting for lunch to arrive we chat away and enjoy ourselves. Sure enough we don’t have to wait long and receive our food. I go out all Sunday lunch style and ordere Roasted Leg of Lamb with Chateaux Potatoes, vegetables and gravy. My partner has the Pasta Linguine with chicken, peas, cream cheese, capsicum and white wine. Both look absolutely divine and we are ready to tuck in. Besides that the food does need some spices we really enjoy the meal. However, I must say that it is always easier to add salt and pepper than to have a meal that might be over spiced! I especially enjoy my grilled vegetables that are cooked to perfection but also love my partner’s pasta He does not like the taste of wine in his food, so it is pleasant to discover that it had been used sparingly and just to the right degree in the sauce. I always end up adding half the bottle and am probably to blame for his dislike of wine in any food!

For dessert we are offered a lovely homemade apple tart with vanilla ice cream, but I must say that the baked cheesecake looked amazing too! Magic melting right on our tongues,m what a  Sunday bliss!

If you are looking for a spot to enjoy a beautiful Sunday lunch than this is it! We will be back for more.

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