Cape Town Beer Festival the largest festival of beer in the Southern Hemisphere


This weekend is all about BEER. The sun is finally shining and the weather is warm. So what better reason is there to dress in shorts and T-shirt and visit the Cape Town Festival of Beer at the Hamilton’s Rugby Club in Green Point, Cape Town? The doors opened yesterday and you can visit today and tomorrow. So make sure you book your tickets for R150 and go check out the ice-cold local and imported creations this event has to offer. A proper beer glass is included in the price.
I am funnily enough not a big fan of beer (or football) even though I am German. However, one of my closest friends loves the amber liquid to bits. Each time I visit Germany I bring her a new brand to try. So I decided to take her along as my guide into the world of beer. The festival features over 200 beers as well as ciders presented by 60 breweries. You may approach each stall and ask for a taste of their finest. If you take some time and speak to the brewers they will explain to you what makes their beer special and – oh boy – I have to tell you I was blown away. If you like what they have to offer you can buy some on the spot.

On a Friday night, straight after work, we build up quite a thirst and went directly for the most delicious looking drink. In my book this was Liefmans Fruitesse. This sparkling fruit beer on the rocks reminded me so much of the lemonade of my childhood that I got shivers, except it also contained booze! Definitely my favorite drink of the whole evening and a must try if you get the chance.

We moved from stand to stand and tasted all the amazing beers and ciders. You will find your poison here, whatever it is, I promise! May it be Ale, Milk Stout, IPA, Cider, Hefeweizen, Ginger beer (alcoholic one) or something stronger like Jägermeister.

Here are some of our favourites:

Everson’s Cider:
Having been able to try their amazing Cider before, I knew what to expect. However, the last time I had their Cider it was freezing cold and we drank it hot. This time we tried their whole range that they brought along. They have a beautiful Pear and Apple Cider as well as a Cloudy Cider. Our absolute winner was the mulled Cider with a strong cinnamon taste. Served with some ice cubes it is even better than I remembered!

Dragon Fiery Alcoholic Ginger beer:
This alcoholic ginger beer has a feisty bite. They have two variations and both will surprise your taste buds. If you love a cold ginger beer on a hot summer day you should not pass their stand.

Pilsner Urquell:
This is a beer as it should be. A beautiful amber colour, topped with a foamy crown will keep any man or woman pleased. It is a 100% Czech beer presented in old school bottles.

Afro Caribbean:
Afro Caribbean had a hint of coconut in their beer which went down surprisingly well. Also you kind of feel like you finally are in the Caribbean!

This Belgian beer was also made with an unusual ingredient. Coriander! It sounds weird and taste amazing! I booked this one down for the next party.

Atlantic Storm:
This local brewery was all about adding something special to their beers. Black Tempest a Coffee Milk Stout that will keep you awake any time of the day or their Captain Jack’s Pirate Ale which was infused with Rum. Another stunner was their English Rose. This IPA was infused with Rose Water and made it incredible smooth!

Off course there is also great entertainment offered. Besides the drinks there are food stalls that will keep you going, live music that will make you dance barefooted and live rugby on Saturday.

You also will be able to participate in a Beer Safari, watch home brewing demonstrations and take part in blind tastings. Lastly there will be lucky draws and you can vote for your favourite beer. So get yourself to the Hamilton’s Rugby Club this weekend. You will not be disappointed!

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