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Christmas is near and that is always a bit of a strange time for bloggers, writers and any other kind of content creators.  Why, do you ask? Well some of us still have a part-time or full-time job but most the full time Blogger, Youtuber or Instagramer work on their own and this can be a lonely thing, especially during the silly season when you want to celebrate and be jolly. It is the time when you really want to look back, pat yourself on the shoulder and say – “Wow, look at what I achieved – I did bloody well!” but who do you share that rewarding feeling if you freelance from home?

Boring Cape Town Chick or Meg addressed that issue. She decided screw this we have our own Christmas party. A place where you can get together, meet people from all the different ways of life and celebrate. Last year I was away for the glorious first event but not again, I told myself and off I went to meet Meg and all the other awesome people that made their contributions to our blogger world in one or another way.

I arrived at One Up in Long Street quite early and was one of the lucky ones that still got to experience the awesome live band Shout MC. I grabbed one of the lovely ice teas (we were sponsored by many, many lovely brands, but I decided to give alcohol a break and missed out on having a little bit of a stronger ice tea with Cointreau) and mingled.

First, I met our lovely host – Meg. She is literally like in her posts (I loved this one for example). She speaks from the heart and means what she says. My kind of gal! And then I said hello to the many people I knew and some new ones too.

Meg had made sure to give us some incentive to post during the event with many prices from our sponsor and some of them were there to meet us too. But seeing that it was more of a year-end party I let go of too much networking pressure and simply had fun.

I did end up posting and connecting quite a bit in the end as one does automatically and won some lovely Oryx salt which I had marveled at in the shop quite often before but my lack of understanding of what a group picture is (it’s more than 3 people btw) made me miss out on the only item I really had set my heart on. A magical Popsocket (basically a sort of plug you can attach to your phone which makes it much easier to handle). Guess my husband knows what I want for Christmas now. 😊

We chatted and laughed, and I must say I am so very grateful for having so many awesome people in our beloved Cape Town that believe in what we do.

Cheers to a New Year with even more blogging, vlogging and content creation!

A big thanks to our sponsors that made it all happen:








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