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Castle 1895 Draught Africa's first tank beer


Cape Town strikes another Africa First record!

Castle 1895 Draught launched Africa’s first Brewery Fresh Tank Beer – think beer kegs, but supersized!


Now, before you turn up your nose as a craft beer devotee, hear us out.  Castle 1895 Draught is unpasteurised, straight from Newlands Brewery, and was previously only available to South African Breweries brew masters themselves.  Piped directly from Newlands Brewery’s tanks into a dedicated “Fresh Beer Truck” with 500L copper tanks and straight into your glass – all in a matter of hours after it has been brewed!

“Nearly all South African beer is pasteurised to afford it a longer shelf life, but during this process some of beer’s lively characteristics can be diminished,” said Denis da Silva Trade Brewer at SAB. “However, with good hygiene and short delivery lead times, pasteurisation is not necessary. Because our Brewery Fresh Tank Beer is unpasteurised, it has to be consumed within a few days of filling. Castle 1895 Draught tank beer is therefore one of the freshest, smoothest and most distinctive tasting beers available in South Africa”

In fact, it is so smooth that Pete Goffe-Wood, food alchemist and Masterchef judge couldn’t get enough of it.

“Beer is an exciting pairing partner as it works beautifully with food on a number of levels – everything from a flavour perspective all the way to the cleansing mouth feel.  As Castle 1895 Draught’s Brewery Fresh Tank Beer is unpasteurised, there is no of loss of flavour. The malty sweetness is subtle and the hop note is more pronounced with the bitterness being softer and less harsh, with some added creaminess. The mouth feel is more succulent. ”

Curious? Keep an eye out for the Brewery Fresh Tank in your hood!  Pop by Ferryman’s Tavern,Quay Four, Forester’s Arms and Long Street Cafe starting from November 2014 for a taste of Castle 1895 Draught, cheers!

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