Catching fairies with VoiceMap An event in cooperation with Travel Massive


Horse fairy woodsAn event in cooperation with Travel Massive and a story that will move you (literally)!

Do you ever feel like some magic is needed in your life? Do you want to be swooped of your feet and carried away into a different world? That’s what happened to me this weekend!

Always on the lookout for something new and something I had not done yet I came across this eye catching event by VoiceMap. Intrigued I signed up via TravelMassive and started reading up. VoiceMap is all about telling you a story by walking through an area and using your phone or tablet. We were promised a story of Elves and Fairies through the magical forest and glades of Constantia, Cape Town and I could not wait to get started. I had been wanting to forage in the woods for some time and this seemed the perfect occasion. My fully charged phone with the downloaded app in one hand and a bottle of water in the other I rocked up in my hiking gear. It had been raining and I was not quite sure how difficult the walk would become. I was a little late because I had driven a bit too far by accident but that was not a problem as most of the people that were joining still needed some tech support which was gladly given by Iain Manley (Co-founder and CEO of VoiceMapp) and Claire van den Heever (Marketing and Communications of VoiceMapp). After we all were equipped I put my earphones in and started The Elfin Trail. VoiceMapp works via GPS and the story starts automatically when you walk. A gentle female Irish voice welcomed me and told me what to expect from this beautiful hike. She guided me to a small footpath away from the actual hiking trail in Cecilia forest and off I went, catching fairies.

Right from the start I was told about dragons that had been living in the nearby mountains and while putting one foot in front of the other I was taken away into a fantasy realm. Do you know how it feels when you find a wonderful book and you cannot wait to open it up again to continue the story? The feeling of excitement and the questions carried in your mind about what might happen to your favourite character or what they will do with this difficult situation they face. This is how this trail made me feel. I was totally and utterly immersed. Short breaks in-between the stories gave you time to speak to the others. I must admit though that I did not want to miss a single thing the beautiful Irish voice wanted to tell me. There was just too much promise of adventure and secrets to discover. Walking, looking and listening we made our way through the woods. I even found some mushrooms while we went into the thick pine forest. I am honestly not sure how long the trail took us but I must honestly say that I had trouble coming back to the real world. I felt like I had not connected to my walking buddies as much as I would have liked though and was therefore delighted to find out that we were all headed for The Alphen boutique hotel for a drink. Stephan Delport had gracefully arranged for some stunning bubbly from Groote Constantia and food for our hungry tummies after the walk. We welcomed it and enjoyed the absolutely stunning hotel. I had wanted to visit this place for a while and none of the articles out there had been promising too much: the place was gorgeous. I was also glad to get to meet the others and get to know them a bit better and hear what they had experienced on the tour. It was a wee bit cold though and therefore I made my way home to cook some lovely pasta with my foraged mushrooms.

All in all, I have to say that if you have kids or are a big fantasy fan (or both) you must take this walk as soon as you get a chance and if fantasy does not rock your boat VoiceMap will have other stories that you really want to experience. I hear the Bo Kaap one is their bestseller so maybe start with this walk right in the city centre. I know I will!

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