Simons Deli Picnic

Celebrate Valentines with your best friend! 5 ways to enjoy Cape Town!


Is Valentines just for lovers?

Will you like to celebrate Valentines with your best friend?

What’s the best way to enjoy a weekend in Cape Town?

Table Mountain

It’s true that Cape Town comes alive in the summer, the singles are ready to mingle and the beaches are filled with beautiful people.  Valentines is everywhere – endless rows of golden Lindt bunny / bears screaming “take me home!” when you walk down the “sin aisle” of Woolworths, the price of red roses have increased 10-folds in the last two weeks, and even Fifty Shades of Grey is scheduled to open on the eve of Valentines.  But if you are in a long distance relationship, newly liberated into singlehood, or prefer an alternative to cheesy RomCom movies- where do you go to cool off this weekend?

Speaking to our Chatter community, here are some of their favourite spots to celebrate Valentines with lovers and friends!

1. Shoppaholic & Tech fans


V&A Waterfront boasts to be Africa’s most popular destination, attracting over 23 million visitors a year! If the thought of scoping out the latest fashion trend or tech gadget turns you on, it may well be your ideal Valentines venue.  With some of Cape Town’s best restaurants, fashion brands and the new Watershed Design Market, grab your best friend and get entertained!

When you are done shopping, take a spin on the Cape Wheel for a 360 degree panoramic view of Cape Town.

2. Marine life chaser


If you loves sharks, giant sea turtles or glow-in-the-dark jellyfishes, the Two Oceans Aquarium is where you want to be.  Spend the afternoon chasing after these marine treasures, you can even take a scuba diving course (or rent equipment if you are qualified) and get up close and personal with Great Whites! An activity to get your heart fluttering and adrenaline pumping, and the perfect excuse to hold your sweethearts close to you.

3. Tree Huggers


We are so fortunate to have Kirstenbosch Gardens in our backyard, a UNESCO world heritage site covering over 528 hectares (1,300 acres), including sections of Table Mountain national park!  If you haven’t been to Kirstenbosch lately, you have to make a plan to experience the new Treetop Canopy Walkway, affectionately named the ‘boomslang‘ (an African tree snake).  Starting from the shade of the forest floor, the Boomslang wind its way through the trees and emerge above the canopy, with several view points along the walkway.   The view is unbeatable.

There are many blooming flowers during the summer, walk up to the Protea Garden and spot the playful sunbirds frolicking among the blooming flowers!

4. Surfer’s corner


A firm local’s favourite, Muizenberg’s long stretch of white sand beaches and lapping waves provides the perfect condition for beginners and veteran surfers. Try body boarding or stand-up paddling, weave between the surfers and soak up the sun. Your best friend doesn’t swim? No stress, he can chill out on the beach and chat up the eye candies instead! Or gather around more friends and kick-around a game of soccer.

5. Wine Foodies


Simons Deli

Of course, no weekend is complete without some delicious wine and treats! What better way to enjoy the weather than a picnic on the lawn?  Pop in to Simon’s Deli on Groot Constantia wine farm and make your own picnic. The deli is fully stocked with freshly baked baguette and a wide variety of gourmet cheeses, meats, pickle and preserves.  To make the picnic basket a full meal, call the deli and they can prepare other special dishes – think Coronation Chicken, Dijon Mustard Potato Salad, and Chocolate Brownies to sweeten the deal.

So, where will you go this Valentines weekend?

Simons Deli Picnic


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