Come to Daddy Old Mac Daddy, the vintage Airstream Trailer Suites


On a typical Cape Town winter’s day (misty with streaks of sunshine), we made our way to the lovely Elgin Valley only 70 km away from the hustle and bustle of Cape Town.The reason?

A long overdue visit to Old Mac Daddy that I never got around to do! I must admit that I was very excited to finally experience the vintage Airstream Trailer Suites nestled away in a secluded, beautiful corner of Elgin Valley. Each trailer was designed and created by different artists living in Cape Town and surroundings.
 Prior to arriving, I had visited the website to get a glimpse of the 10 luxury trailers – asking myself which we will call home later in the day. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Sascha Polkey, our gracious host who had put the event together. She introduced us to the rest of the party members (all lovely and bubbly people of various magazines and websites) and gave us some time to settle in. We passed the children friendly playgrounds, and were surprised at how many activities one could choose from (Aqua Zorbing, Archery, Wine Tasting Tours, FatCat Mountain Biking / Wine Tasting Tours, Guided Hiking Trails, Team Building Packages – You name it!). We also got a chance to visit our adorable trailer named “Love Cake…. Me too….” which had been designed by Charly’s Bakery, a world famous dessert heaven in Cape Town! What a place to arrive to! Have a look at the pictures below as words sadly fail to re-create the impression.

We started with a tractor ride to Charles Fox, South Africa’s Cape Premier Wine Estate. It was such a cold winter’s day, we were in luck that Sascha had ensured that we all had a blanket and hot water bottles to keep us warm during the ride. We got to meet the founder and owner Charles Fox and his wife Zelda, introduced us to the world of MCC (a South African version of “champagne”, which stands for Methode Cape Classique – Don’t worry, I also did not know that!). What a treat! I am not claiming I am an expert in this field, but I do know what tastes good and that it did. If you get a chance, you have to drive by and visit them. It will be well worth it!

 Charles Fox, South Africa’s Cape Premier Wine Estate

Charles Fox, South Africa’s Cape Premier Wine Estate

Our short excursion was followed by a visit to the one and only beach in Elgin Valley. We were even handed towels, but no one dared to jump into the water of the dam. Thankfully, there was a roaring fire and some lovely hot cider from our friends at Everson’s Cider. Jodi, the owner and founder of Old Mac Daddy, told us how the beach came to be.

Not knowing that there is a difference between beach and river sand, he started building the beach only to realize that he had created quicksand.

It took him some time and effort to correct that mistake… but still makes quite a funny story. Now that he is wiser, he will create several more private beaches for guests to enjoy a “day at the beach” in the middle of the Elgin Valley, known for their vineyards and apple orchards.

After some down-time, we headed back to the restaurant “The Barn”, which is owned and managed by Sascha’s lovely husband Jay. Some of the valley’s winemakers had come together and arranged a wine tasting for us. We got to try wine from “Paul Wallace” paired with some delicious artisan chocolate as well as “Genevieve MCC”. For dinner we got to feast on wonderful wood-oven pizzas, which are one of the many highlights on the Barn’s menu. The best part? We got to create our own pizzas. A personal dream of mine and I did not hesitate to add as many toppings as I felt appropriate followed by mozzarella. The rest of the evening we spent chatting, drinking more wine, listening to some old-school records and finally we snuggled up in our trailer and had sweets dreams.
The next morning, a large breakfast buffet was waiting for us in the restaurant. Apart from hot breakfast, cereals and fruits, there was a fresh loaf of farm bread and fresh juice from the Peregrine Farm Stall. Fully re-energised, we were sad to eventually drive back to Cape Town.

I will definitely return, as I had such a great time. Thank you Old Mac Daddy!

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