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Diner en Blanc Are you IN or are you OUT? Lets sparkle, shine and dine!


Cape Town – November 11, 2015
After having run into logistical challenges, Diner en Blanc – Cape Town, scheduled for Saturday, 28th November, 2015 has been postponed the event to a future date.

As this was to be the first ever event of this kind in the Mother City and to ensure an unforgettable evening for all who participate, more time is required to resolve all issues.

Guests who had purchased tickets will be contacted and refunded.

More information to come as to when Diner en Blanc – Cape Town will take place, and we look forward to celebrating this beautiful, annual gathering with you!

For more info on Dîner en Blanc events from around the world, visit the official website dinerenblanc.info

dinerenblancHave you heard of Le Dîner en Blanc? It served as a model to The Grand White, so we have been told, and is coming to South Africa;  we are genuinely excited.

The event itself has a beautiful background story. Over 27 years ago, François Pasquier planned to invite all his friends for a reunion picnic as he had been out of Paris for some time. In the mood for company he encouraged that all of his friends bring along another friend. In order to recognize one another all of them decided to dress in white, which means Blanc in French.

Due to the popularity of this event Le Dîner en Blanc has grown into a worldwide decadent phenomenon and it is now being hosted in over 60 cities in more than 25 countries around the world. Its original host city, Paris, attracts 15,000 people, and New York, which has recently hosted its 5th event, had over 30 000 registered subscribers hoping to get their hands on only 5,000 tickets.

We are lucky that Le Dîner en Blanc will be hosted at three top secret events in our beautiful country and Cape Town was predestined to be host to one them.

You might ask yourself now how this Pop-Up Picnic differs from The Grand White and so did we.

Here are the answers:

  1. The concept originates with Le Diner en Blanc.
  2. Each event is held at a significant architectural site of historic significance to hosting city.
  3. The event is a global craze and is hosted in over 60 cities across the globe.
  4. Guests are expected to not only wear white, but to also decorate their own tables.

By now you probably asking yourself how you can manage to be part of this magical happening and we are glad to shed some light on this.

Tickets are generally sold in pairs and available in three phases. In the first Phase invitations are sent out to the host’s direct network. To stay true to the original event, the participants are then able to invite their friends in Phase 2. In the last Phase the ticket purchase is open to the public who have registered online via the official website: capetown.dinerenblanc.info/register by the 13th November 2015.
Tickets start from R480 per person.

As soon as you got your hands on one of the tickets you get to think about your outfit and the decoration of the table. As long as you stay true to the color white, the sky your limit! We must admit that we are pretty excited about that!

There are a couple of rules:

  • You have to qualify for a ticket as per above mentioned process.
  • Once you have your ticket a no show is no longer optional regardless of weather. We will all be there, rain or shine!
  • The dress code for you and your table is elegant and white only. Feel free to step it up a bit as long as it is tasteful.
  • You must bring your own table and chairs (white tablecloth).
  • You also are encouraged to create your own picnic basket, including food and wine as well as proper white dinner plates, wine glasses and silver ware. There is the option to pre-order a picnic basket though. Please note only wine and/or champagne are allowed. You will be able to bring your own or purchase on the day the dinner.
  • The location is secret until the very last moment. Participants meet at allocated departure locations and will be escorted to the actual picnic. Exciting!
  • Lastly, the event organizers care about the environment and ask all guests to ensure to take everything home what they brought.

There is not much time anymore to register so quickly go to the website and register latest by the 13th November 2015! We hope you are as excited as we are!

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