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Meet new people: Dylan Da Silva!

Dylan da Silva

Dylan Da Silva will be a guest speaker at our Easy Eating TASTE experience happening on Nov 23rd!

Dylan is the Regional Director for Mokador Coffees, and a firm believer that “Life’s too short to drink bad coffee”. Based in Durban, you will find him behind the counters of 88 Degrees Café where he oversees all things coffee, or judging at Barista Throwdown competitions.

Learn more about South Africa’s coffee trends on Facebook and Twitter, Dylan tweets regularly at @ThatsMeDyl

Get to know Dylan

  1. What brought you to Cape Town?
    I established Mokador Coffees in Joburg in 2007, with the vision to introduce boutique Italian roasted coffees to South Africa.  We expanded to Durban in 2010, and the next step was to tackle the Cape! Coffee culture in the Cape is so much different to that of Joburg and Durban and we could not miss the opportunity to be a part of this increasingly growing industry down here.   After much planning, I am happy to announce that our Cape Town branch will opened its doors this summer.
  2. I am a guest at your dinner party. If you could serve me any meal that represents you, what will that be?
    It would have to be a Mexican dish. I love the combination of flavours and textures found in Mexican cuisine. I make a mean version of an Enchiladas Verdes. Homemade Tortillas stuffed with roasted peppers, garlic and tomato, grilled seasoned chicken, guacamole and loads and loads of fresh coriander. Simple and plain yet complex in flavour.
  3. Alright then, you are hosting your dream dinner party and you can invite 3 guests, dead or alive. Who will you invite & why?
    Nelson Mandela – I would do anything to have even just a minute of his time.
    2) > Dallas Green – one of my all time favorite musicians. Great inspiration for my musical projects that I’m currently pursuing.
    3) My mom – she is one of my favorite people in the world. And has had the most influence in the way I cook today.
  4. You’ve had a bad day and are craving comfort food, what will you eat?
    Bread. Im a Bread-aholic!! From Baguettes all the way to Naan, I’ll eat ANY type of bread.
  5. Share a happy memory you have about food
    I have had the privilege to travel to quite a few countries around the world, and have always made a point to try as many local dishes as possible . But to this day, the most memorable dish has to be the first thing my mom ever taught me to cook. I was about 5 or 6 years old, and my mom taught me how to make spaghetti – to test if the pasta was ready by throwing it on the roof! If it stuck for more than 5 seconds and fell down it was ready, but if it didn’t stick we still had some cooking to do. I still test my pasta this way…
  6. What would be a traditional family meal in your house?
    Nothing in my house is overly traditional, every meal tends to be a new experience. It can range from a simple bolognaise on a Monday evening to a complicated Thai green Curry on a Tuesday.
  7. What’s on your Food bucket list?
    Most definitely paying a visit to Heston Blumenthal’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant, The Fat Duck. For a restaurant to receive a perfect score of 10/10 every year since 2007 by The Good Food Guide is incredible. And to one day have my own Pastry & Coffee Bar.
  8. Tell me about your kitchen’s 5 senses: hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, touch
    Hearing – Water Boiling in a pot ready for some pasta to be dropped in.
    Seeing – A variety of different ingredients coming together to create a dish
    Tasting – So important in every step of the cooking process
    Smelling – Freshly brewed coffee and toast in the morning
    Touch – The texture of course salt and pepper while seasoning a dish.
  9. Finally, what is the best dining experience you’ve had in Cape Town and why?
    Grande Provence Restaurant in Franschhoek. The entire dining experience was great from start to finish.

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