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We’ve all heard the saying: An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away! Surely that must hold through even if the apples are transformed into golden liquid goodness? Everson’s family took this to heart and boy, they sure are serious about apple ciders!

Living in Cape Town, there’s nothing more satisfying than a weekend roadtrip. We are spoilt with options – Stellenbosch vineyards, surfing in the Indian (or Atlantic ocean, for those with no nerve endings or freezing water awareness), mountain climbing in Cederberg mountains… you name it! Add one more to your list: Elgin Valley.

Elgin Valley, Grabouw. Less than one hour drive from Table Mountain backed Cape Town city, this fertile valley is famous for their apples, pears and grapes. It is home to the world-famous Appletiser sparkling juice company! Nestled in the quaint village of Grabouw is Everson’s Ciders. William Everson, Chief Cider Master has built up quite a cult following as a garagiste winemaker. How do you translate winemaking to cider making? According to Everson’s Cider website:

Starting with those Elgin apples (or pears), our process involves crushing the fruit and fermenting the juice in tanks, along with a premium cider yeast. From there the juice is aged in oak, racked and filtered. The final step is a hit of CO2 to make it a sparkling cider.

We spent the afternoon at Everson’s family home, learned to make apple cider and had a great braai! Where there’s food, you shall find Lisa & Ovi 😉  We loved their down-to-Earth philosophy, hands-on approach to genuine cider making. Besides Everson’s flagship  Apple cider, Cloudy Apple cider, and Mulled Apple cider (Mama Everson’s secret receipt of spices, cinnamon… yum!), William has expanded the range to include a Pear Cider and – check this, BRANDY CASK AGED CIDER! Now if that’s not a winning Christmas gift, I don’t know what you are getting your old man.

Whisky lovers – you heard this first at Food and Chatter – William is working on very special, very LIMITED range of Whisky Cask Aged Cider!

It wasn’t long before Michael Everson, William’s eldest son caught cider fever. You would have met Michael at Everson’s stand in the hip urban Old Biscuit Mill, most recognized by his BIG BUSHY BEARD! Michael is the mastermind behind the playing, pirate-inspired GNARR: natural fermentation with no added CO2, swig a shot and you may be surprised by its tart, sharp note.  Definitely NOT a cider for the faint-hearted!

With the festive season, Everson’s Ciders are in HOT DEMAND across South Africa! Here’s a quick shopping guide for you to BUY Everson’s Ciders.  Time for you to make a plan to visit  the Everson’s family in Elgin Valley!

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