Exploring new cafes for Chatters! Giancarlo's Italian Deli


Do you work in Cape Town city center, and constantly look for new cafes to spice up lunch?

Are you a creative cook, always experimenting with recipes from other cultures?

Will you love to taste homemade pasta and pizzas from the kitchen of a passionate Italian chef?

If yes, you have to make a visit to Giancarlo’s Italian Deli!  Not only is this new cafe a great lunch spot, owner Giancarlo Fareri has a fascinating story to share with you.

Giancarlo (affectionately known to friends as Balky) was born in Eritrea, a country in the Horn of Africa bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti.  As a young boy,  his family returned to northern Italy and Balky had his first taste of authentic, rustic Italian cuisine.   His fondest memories were rolling out fresh pasta sheets and stacking lasagna with his Grandmother.

The young boy had a secret dream: that he will one day open his own restaurant to share Italy’s deliciousness!

After completing his studies, Balky followed his heart back to Africa…! This time, he settled in Botswana with his wife and together, they started a safari tour company. While the bush was exciting, they were ready for a new adventure after 15 years.  Like the many visitors who came before them, Cape Town stole their hearts after several trips.   It wasn’t long before Balky decided to give his boyhood dream a shot, and Giancarlo’s Italian Deli was born in November 2013!

Using fresh, local ingredients, Balky’s designed a menu that showcase Italian and South African flavours.

Fill up on a hearty Breakfast on Bree (Bacon, egg, sausage, mushroom, tomato and a croissant) with a hot cuppa Tribe coffee, or try a toasted panini with prosciutto, mozzarella cheese and tomato. Balky kneads pizza dough daily, and you can really taste the difference!

Following Tim Noake’s bunting diet with low-carbs? No problem, try the crowd favourite for lunch: the Parmiggiana. Made with roasted aubergine sprinkled in Giancarlo’s herb mix, layered mozzarella cheese, tomato slices, and topped with parmesan cheese.

In the Deli, you will find cured meats from Artisan butchers – biltong, prosciutto, salame Milano, Saucisson and Chorizo.  All cured meats are grass-fed, hand cured, gluten-free with no preservatives.

Come meet Balky at our next Food and Chatter experience: Italian Social on August 28!

[Address] Giancarlo’s Italian Deli, 22 Bree St, Cape Town
[Contact]  //www.giancarlodeli.co.za | ciao@giancarlodeli.co.za | +27 72 467 6170 
[Hours] Monday- Friday, 7am to 5pm  (private events in evenings)

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Ovidiu Pacuraru
Co-Founder at Food & Chatter
"I love to ask locals what they had for lunch: to find Cape Town classics like the Steak, Egg, and Cheese Masala sandwich!"

Ovi is a passionate hobby cook and always looking to re-create and modify every dish he tastes! Ovi is a big subscriber to fusion food, and sometimes he just feels like whipping up one of his childhood favorites: a fusion of Romanian/German dishes.

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