#FineWining at @HQCapeTown excellent food and wine pairings


#FineWining with @ErnieElsWinery at @HQCapeTown 

Please let me set the stage for you. You come in, kind of excited that the week is half way done… (it’s Wednesday). You have gotten a bit fancy, in celebration for the accomplishment of getting over the hump of the week; partly in case you actually meet the Big Easy, himself. After all, you wouldn’t want to meet one of golf’s legends feeling and looking kind of wilted after a long day of work.

You enter HQ’s sleek, dark, and lush interior, with comfy, overstuffed leather couches and fire centre pieces, and are handed an icy rose cocktail, complete with rose petals as garnishes. As everyone else arrives, you sip on your drink and pop beef carpaccio canapés into your mouth. The room fills, and a young man grabs the microphone and starts to sign old lounge tunes. He’s kind of like a South African Michael Bublé. It was one of the surprises of the night!

While I had never tried Ernie Els’s Big Easy wine collection, I imagined that it was going to be yummy (okay, I am not a regular food blogger and cannot think of a more appropriate and/or fancier word for it right now). I also had HQ’s famous steak before, so I knew what to expect there. The continuous serenading the entire evening was an unexpected bonus!

The service, as I expected, was excellent: wine arrived in time for the salad course, the steak and chips, and the delectable dessert (hmm, see there’s a better word than yummy). As far as I could tell the room was enjoying it as much as my friend Flor and I was. I think that we were among the last to leave!

Would I recommend HQ’s #FineWining event to friends and the every constant stream of visitors to Cape Town I meet?

Definitely, especially if you want your date, whether it is your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, or significant other, to feel special. At  #FineWining you will definitely enjoy the excellent food and wine pairings. Plus, if you are lucky, you will actually be serenaded! How many places does that happen?

Patricia Manning
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