GAMBERO ROSSO Top Italian Wines Roadshow


I have not been at a Foodie Event for a while so I was thrilled to be invited by Jami-Leigh and Kirsty from Red Carpet Concepts to the GAMBERO ROSSO: Top Italian Wines Roadshow.

I love good wine and good company. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why living in the Western Cape is such a treat. However, because of the beautiful wines you are able to get here, Italian imported wine is not a thing and I do miss a good Italian red.

Italy is still the cradle of wine for me and with over 500 grape varieties, I knew that I would be able to upgrade my knowledge quite a bit.

On top of this the event was held at the beautiful Lookout directly at Granger Bay. I had passed it a couple of times coming from one of my walks from the Oranjezicht market or going shopping at the Waterfront and it is a little gem of a spot with a beautiful view over the Atlantic. So naturally we were looking forward to this evening knowing there would be a stunner of a sunset waiting for us while sipping away on lovely reds and whites.

Gambero Rosso – a famous and well known Italian food and wine magazine and Italy’s most important influencer in the food and wine industry brought the Top Italian Wines Roadshow to us. The reason for this spectacular event was the celebration of their 30th birthday. The roadshow itself brought over sixty of their best wineries to South Africa with people flying in for just the day. They showcased their beautiful wine regions and shared their knowledge and personal stories with us.

Since wine is a social beverage I invited two of my wine loving friends. We arrived at the beautiful Lookout and collected our glasses. We started with bubbles. A must as December started with a Bang and Champagne reviews. We then were immediately distracted by the canapes which the lovely waitress served. While nibbling on cheese crackers with pear and gorgonzola drizzled with balsamic we moved from stand to stand and tried Italy’s best.

After a bit of catching up we got a bit more serious about our endeavour. One wine after the other made their way into our tasting glass and then into our tummies. Thankfully there was a delicious assortment of snacks and fruits available to keep us sober. Think cheese platter, grapes, biscuits and dips.

I must admit that it was not easy to pick our favourite from the beautiful selection and we also had not tasted every single wine that was available, otherwise we would not have gone home at all, but our favourite were the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Dop Riserva from the Cantino Tollo winery and the full range from Fazi Battaglia we got to taste. I guess their sexy bottles caught our eye. Yes, sexy bottle because of the shape and it contained a very refreshing white wine named Verdicchio dei Castelli di jesi Cl. Itulus 2015. A must try for the hot Cape Town summer nights and one of the only wines you can purchase here.

Towards the end of the night we also got to chat to the organizer of the event Pedro Estrada Belli (beautiful name, right?). As most of the wines could not be purchased we obviously wondered about the purpose of the event. Pedro, while packing up the delicious leftovers let me know that he wants to change that. Being one of the biggest distributors of Italian wine here in South Africa through his company Vinotria (Fine Italian Wines) he wanted to ensure they become more known here. I hope he achieves that goal so that we can choose to buy even more fine Italian wine here in Cape Town when we want to.

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