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Recently we got a R200 gift voucher for “I Am Cooking” and last weekend we decided to put all our eggs in one basket and order a single dish to share or rather in this case put one whole chicken into one pot.

We decided to give Hotpot Deli a try. It was cold, we were hungry and they offered a really delicious looking chicken curry. If you have lived in Cape Town for a while you know that Capetonians can make some mean curry. The site promised a spicy curry dish which comprises a whole fresh chicken brazed in Indian spices and could feed up to 4 people (it says 4-6 but trust me on this, you will want to have seconds, even though their portions are more than generous). It comes with melt in your mouth potatoes and two descent portions of rice which we were unable to finish. Not even in the second round on the next day!

So, I ordered and the website then informs you via email that the food is being prepared and once it is ready. You can decide to pick it up or get it delivered. The delivery fee is R45 and the meal we choose was R200. I find both very reasonable even though that other competitors may have the option to offer at least the delivery for less. However, they won’t be able to offer home cooked meals!!!

We opted for the delivery and received the food relatively quickly. It is cooked from scratch and was delivered during rush hour and therefore took about 1 hour and 25 mins). If you want your food to be delivered as soon as you arrive at home you may have to order a bit earlier, which is easy via the site.

Definitely give this site a try and if it just in order to indulge in a homemade curry, potentially by your neighbour. We will certainly order again as my husband is head over heal in love with Hotpot Deli’s chicken curry. If I get a say we may be able to try the steak pie next. 😉

www.iamcooking.co.za is the first South African food marketplace portal allowing people who are chefs, bakers and cooks (household or professional) the possibility to register, open their stores and start selling their products to anyone in their region down to their suburb.

I was pretty excited to try out this local project as it brings together people and their passions. There is plenty people out there that would love good food but they don’t have the time to cook if they come home after a long day of work or they enjoy cooking for other people and don’t have the means to open up a restaurant. You can register and either order a yummy home cooked meal, a fancy meal from your favourite restaurant or get down and dirty and offer your creations to others.

Although the concept is fantastic I admit I was initially a bit confused and overwhelmed by the site. However, after some browsing, you get the hang of it. The platform offers allows you to shop as per your favourite restaurant, chef, food, baker and it even offers categories such as Health and Fitness Products, dairy and condiments as well as food for pets. Yes, you heard right, now you can spoil your pooch or kitty cat to a delicious home cooked meal – or yourself.


If you want to find out more about them have a look at their YouTube video:

If you are interested to get cooking yourself, have a look at this YouTube video:

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