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International Yoga Day - with Joëlle Sleebos and Evolution Café Xperience


We lead busy lives. Mine is usually jam-packed with work, family, friends, work outs, good food, even better wine and in a nutshell as many awesome experiences I can pack in my day. So, when I come home and am tired my husband usually makes fun of me, because I barely take the time to rest. If your day looks like this you better make sure to balance this lifestyle with a good portion of healthy food and exercise.

International yoga day presented the perfect chance to do just that and I was one of the few that got to have a wee session of yoga with Joëlle Sleebos at the FNB building right in town. Joëlle is well known in the yoga scene and her soft voice and beautiful yoga flow accompanied us while overlooking Lion’s Head. I started to practise yoga in order to keep my calm when everything gets to loud and stressful and stuck with it ever since. There is just something about a room full of yogis practising their Shavasana (a pose of total relaxation) in joint silence.

After our amazing yoga session, we were invited to have a look at the Evolution Café Xperience. The Café lies on the lower end of Bree Street and you will be spoilt for choice with plenty of healthy food and drink options. Perfect for nurturing your body and soul.

Evolution Café Xperience is the brainchild of Nicola Bentley and Nepheritie Jade as well as their business partner Hassen Kajee. It is a completely new concept and offers a variety of products and services. In the café, you will be able to choose from yummy organic, free-range, gluten and grain-free meals, raw juices and smoothies, and superfood offerings such as raw chocolate and organic Origin coffee. The café sources their nut milk from the almond creamery which is my favourite nut milk!!! Be prepared to struggle when making a pick. The drinks sound amazing and taste even better.

And this is not where it ends: Nicola also offers Lifestyle Consulting in Nutrition and Yoga as well as Retreats and Nepheritie (does that name not role of your tongue!!!) can make your everyday bliss with an acupuncture or hypnosis session. Both have over a decade of experience in their relevant fields and if you want to find out more the best is to simply step into the café and have a chat with them what you envision for yourself or your company (yes, they do offer Wellness Programs for corporates too) but off course we have listed their details here as well.


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