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Patricia Manning Meet new people


Meet new people: Patricia Manning !

Meet new people: Patricia Manning

Patricia enjoying a cuppa at Yours Truly

I first met Patricia at the Bandwidth Barn, when the fleet of Unreasonable Entrepreneurs sailed into Cape Town.  Since then, she has become a regular Chatter at our food experience to meet new people and explore Cape Town.

A native Canadian, you will likely find Patricia tasting wines at &Union or sipping cuppa coffee at Truth Coffee HQ.   She shares her passion for beautiful styles, interior decor and dresses on Pinterest.

Get to know Patricia

  1. What brought you to Cape Town?
    I was volunteering in Uganda in 2011, and visited Cape Town on vacation. Having studied and worked in social development, I looked for a program that is most relevant to Africa’s context.  I decided to enroll in University of Cape Town for an Honour in Social Development.
  2. What’s keeping you in Cape Town?
    I am writing my thesis!  Using Cape Town as a home base, I am able to connect with potential Social Work opportunities throughout Africa.  I love the weather and have made great friends in the city!
  3. I am a guest at your dinner party. If you could serve me any meal that represents you, what will that be?
    Baked maple salmon and Bannock, a bread native to the First Nations people of Canada. Both dishes are proudly Canadian and absolutely delicious!
  4. Alright then, you are hosting your dream dinner party and you can invite 3 guests, Dead or Alive. Who will you invite & why?
    That’s a hard one!  Hrrmm…  I will invite Wangari Maathai  to chat about her founding the Greenbelt Movement; David Livingstone for his exploration of Africa (and carried from place to place… imagine that);  Oh and Scott Speedman, he will be a gorgeous man to have around the table!
  5. You’ve had a bad day and craving comfort food, what will you eat?
    Grilled cheese sandwiches & Chicken noodle soup, anytime
  6. Share a happy memory you have about food
    On my 15th birthday, a family friend invited us over for dinner.  We each received a small wok / pot, filled it with cheese and all of our favourite foods – making our personal fondue just the way we like it.
  7. What would be a traditional family meal in your house?
    My family love spices, so it would be a spicy chilli with lots of chorizo sausages!
  8. What’s on your Food bucket list?
    I’d love to travel across Europe: learn how to make pasta from scratch, eat tons of Mediterranean food, try Eastern European snacks… I’d probably skip the UK though, my aunt once had sheep intestines there and it didn’t sound too tasty…!
  9. Tell me about your kitchen’s 5 senses: hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, touch
    My kitchen will probably say “Cook with Me!” , I really don’t cook nearly enough! You will smell sweet scent of garlic, I love putting garlic in my dishes! It will feel snug and hot, taste delicious, and you might see some piles of dishes…
  10. Finally, what is the best dining experience you’ve had in Cape Town and why?
    Definitely at VIVA Cafe!  I love their innovation, cooking with braised pork tongues/ fried pig cheeks and other delicacies.  Every dish is an edible food art and presented most beautifully…!

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Ovi is a passionate hobby cook and always looking to re-create and modify every dish he tastes! Ovi is a big subscriber to fusion food, and sometimes he just feels like whipping up one of his childhood favorites: a fusion of Romanian/German dishes.
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