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Mink and Trout curry night


So, for a change, I was the plus one while going out. My friend Rachel, whom I mentioned a couple of times on here, was on a curry mission for Getaway magazine and I was the lucky girl to join her on this very cold evening.

The whole day was a bit of a mess and that I made it to Mink and Trout was almost a miracle. But there I sat, ready to be warmed up by their amazing curry night special, available only on Tuesdays. I was tired, hungry and a wee bit grumpy, so it came as a delight to see how simple the menu presented itself. Four choices of curry and that was it! I loved it. No confusion possible.

We had to pick from a delicious Indian Butter Chicken Curry with Cauliflower and roasted Cashew Nuts, an adventurous Thai mussel and pork curry, a spicy mother in law Masala beef and potato curry and the never to be missed cauliflower and chickpea curry (veggies rule!).

We opted for a yummy winter wine (Alle Bleue, Starlette, Pinotage) as a starter but curry night comes with perks. For a mere 99 Bucks, you will get an actual starter (think samosas and chilly bites), one of the above curries and desert (pumpkin fritters).

Our food arrived and we started to entertain the whole place by taking pictures from all various angles and with the help of the serviette to smoothen the light but eventually we had to eat.

The curries were both perfect. I opted for the Thai mussel and pork curry. It was accompanied by tiny bits of pineapple which made my curry so delicious and yummy I was licking my fingers. Rachel went for the spicy mother in law curry. It was not as spicy as we thought and simply cooked to perfection and as the desert arrived, we had feasted and talked away the worries of the day.

So, if you feel like it is cold and freezing and rather want to leave the cooking to others, do not shy away from a visit at Mink and Trout. We certainly loved it!

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