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Mzansi Race – an epic Treasure Hunt! Highlights from 2014 Mzansi Race



Did you miss out on 2014 Mzansi Race? What a crazy treasure hunt around Cape Town!

It was a perfect summer’s day in Cape Town, South Africa.The sun hung high in the bright blue African sky, the southeaster wind had stopped blowing, and Mzansi Race treasure hunters woke up to the sounds of their morning alarms. We have created Mzansi Race as Food and Chatter’s grand finale, year-end event for World Design Capital 2014 – a global movement to promote design as a tool for social, cultural and economic development. Mzansi Race was transformed from an idea to reality after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Thundafund, where our friends and fans showed their support by pre-booking tickets to the race.  Staying true to  Food and Chatter philosophy, we wanted to curate a city-wide event to engage both local Cape Townians and visitors … a way to meet new people and rediscover Cape Town, the vibrant city we all love! Starting bright and early, our Treasure Hunters gathered from 08h30 at Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room, a popular eatery at corner of Bree St & Wale St.  While some teams signed-up with friends and family, others summed up the courage to step outside of their comfort zone by joining a REMIX team, a chance to meet new people!  Everyone settled in with their favourite coffee and started gearing up for Mzansi Race: think war paints, pink tutus, crazy hats and funky outfits!


To balance out the teams’ familiarity with the terrain (City Bowl, Green Point, Seapoint, V&A Waterfront, Observatory) and any unfair travel advantage, we had to set some rules!  Treasure Hunters were challenged to use ONLY public transportation as they solve clues, and rely on friendly locals to help out with the more difficult challenges.  On top of all that… they had to bring back “physical evidence” from each clue station and get creative with groupies – photos with every team member in it!  Come check out their awesome photos here!  Inspired by popular TV show The Amazing Race, we roped up our favourite brands to host Mzansi Race Challenge Stations. Teams had to complete a challenge issued by their station Master / Mistress, before they are given their next treasure map puzzle piece! Challenge Station 1: vitaminwater® Focus Challenge Station 2: Mex It Up Kitchen Challenge Station 3: VIVA Cafe


No treasure hunt race is complete without winning some treasures, right?  Mzansi Race treasure hunters were lucky recipients of some of the coolest prizes around Cape Town!  Here are our lucky winners:

OVERALL WINNERS: Team Junky Monkeys

Team Junky Monkeys  Vitamin Water winners Prizes:  vitaminwater® Focus cases and UCookSA gourmet meal boxes!

MOST FOCUS: Team Gravy Boys

Team Gravy Boys loving their vitaminwater® Focus

Team Gravy Boys loving their vitaminwater® Focus Team Gravy Boys

Prizes:  vitaminwater® Focus cases and Van Loveren Four Cousins FIVER

MOST CREATIVE : Team Movers & Shakers

Team Movers Shakers1 Team Movers Shakers 2 Prizes:  Eversons Cider GNARR and Van Loveren Four Cousins FIVER

The-One-That-Persevered: Pags aka Team Cabano Cowboys

Pags Fiver Prize:  Van Loveren Four Cousins FIVER

SPICIEST TEAM: Team Mushroom Sauce

"Who's painting their face into a Dia de Los Muertos skeleton?" Prizes:  Van Loveren Four Cousins FIVER

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