Nomad Bistro & Bar Winter Menu Launch


Nomad’s Winter Menu Launch was on the cards last week and we were excited to go. It was absolutely freezing so I was looking forward to cosy up in a snug place with lots of winter food. After all, this is the time when the scale is more forgiving than in summer. My friend Jenny made time to join me and we arrived at Nomad while it was already dark in the CBD. The last time I visited it was summer and I still had yummy cocktails and wine popsicles on my mind. But not tonight. It was so cold!

We sat down and promptly were served with Glühwein. The hot spiced wine made my head spin but gosh it was delicious. The secret to good spiced wine is that one first boils the spices such as clove, cinnamon and anis in sugar water for 20 mins and then to add the wine and orange slices. This way the spices get time to unfold and the wine does not lose the alcohol. The makers of this mulled wine knew what they were doing and I savoured every sip.

The Nomad team had made sure to set several tables and so we got to sit with Pippa Hudson from Cape Talk and the I LOVE FOODIES team. We introduced ourselves and then it was already time for the starter soup. They had three soups on the menu and these were served in shooter glasses with homemade bread. My absolute favourite was the vodka based mushroom soup, followed second by the chicken soup (think thick broth made by mommy) and last the avocado soup (was a wee bit to bitter for my taste).

Right after this we were treated to a variety of tasters. Very delicious hummus (I am sucker for HUMMUS and could eat it all the time and it goes down especially well with some bread and thick balsamic vinegar!), exotic mushroom arancini balls with parmesan cheese, mini peri-peri chicken bunny chow, nartjie flavoured pork ribs and very spicy chicken manchurian (not for the faint at heart!). If you struggle to make a call than pick one of their platters and you can get a serving of five of their nine tapas offering both vegetarian and meat options. I especially recommend the Nartjie & Pork ribs combo. It’s a fresh and new taste and leaves your taste buds all happy and excited.

As the evening progressed we were presented with a choice of deserts. If you have a sweet tooth you could try their chocolate pecan nut brownie served with vanilla pod ice-cream. I was tempted to dig in some malva pudding with cinnamon and pistachio nut served with melting ice-cream but it was simply too much for my – at this point – very full tummy and I opted for one of their hot cocktails. The cuban cortado is served with bacardi white rum and my table neighbour had the equally appealing looking tequila mocha-ing bird. Just the right amount of alcohol to warm you up again in case you feel the bite of winter in your frosty toes.

There is a variety of other options that will keep you warm and toasty this winter so pop in and enjoy quality food while watching one of Nomad’s comedy shows or live music that will surely follow.

And to say it ins Sunil Krishnan’s words, the co-owner of Nomad Bistro & Bar:

We have searched for and experimented with different flavours to introduce an array of seasonal warmers, inspired by flavours from all around the world with added spice to combat the wintery weather.

If this does not get you out of your PJ’s and of the couch, not much will.

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