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Sometimes I am just lucky I guess! I have a great job that gives me lots of freedom, so when I get invited to a Media Launch at the Twelve Apostles in the middle of the week at lunch time – I get to go – no questions asked!

I was genuinely excited as the email came in. Not only have I never visited The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa but we were  also  asked to join in such an adorable way. Have a look at the invite:

We would LOAF for you to join us for an exclusive screening of the City Bakes Cape Town episode. Come prepared to get your BAKE on. You DONUT want to miss this one! Let’s see if you can RISE to the occasion, the competition is SCONE-A get tough… no BUN intended!

So, it was a no brainer rescheduling my tasks for the day and then driving alongside the ocean on a hot autumn day towards all things baking. I had driven past the hotel countless times but never entered and boy was I rewarded. I parked my car and made my way to the elevator. Up, up and then turning to my right the room that had been prepared welcomed me with a stunning view of the Atlantic. I was offered a glass of bubbly and a mesmerizing view onto sparkling salty sea water and blazing sun.

I said my hellos and was joined by my friend Rachel Robinson from The Tipsy Gypsy. We both marveled at the view while sipping and nibbling on all the lovely food that came into reach of our fingertips. I love hanging out with Rachel – she is just so refreshingly real and so we used the time to catch up a little bit before we were called to action.

We watched the premiere of the Second Season of Paul Hollywood City Bakes which is about to air on Friday 26th May at 20:00 on Food Network, DStv channel 175 and boy did it make us hungry. Mouthwatering images of food in our beloved mother city, no wonder that Paul Hollywood returned. It is hard to not want more if you have all the sunshine in the world and life is light and easy.

After the premiere we got our hands “dirty” and started baking on our own. During Paul Hollywood’s adventures, he had contacted multiple bakeries such as Bread Milk & Honey; The Kitchen; Charly’s Bakery; Thembile’s Bakery and more. We were lucky enough to be joined by BREADrev. Jeremy and his lovely wife Kim taught us how to get down and dirty with flour and make breadsticks, pretzels and baguettes.

To be honest I suck at baking. It’s the rules that get to me. I don’t really like rules.

There are so many in life that when I cook I enjoy to not have any. Unfortunately baking is not very forgiving if it comes to my no rules approach. Hence, an already prepared dough made my day. So, we started making our own little creations and added salt, seeds and cheese. People got very creative in the attempt to ensure ownership of their baked goods. Jeremy from BREADrev specializes in the building and selling of wood-fired rocket ovens and with this little piece of magic he baked our lovingly prepared goodies, while we were seated and got to enjoy more of the amazing food from the kitchen of Twelve Apostles. I must admit that I was not much in the mood for work after this. Much more in the mood for a nap!!!

#CityBakes and @FoodNetworkSA together with Paul Hollywood managed to give a glimpse of the amazing Foodie Life we get to enjoy every day here in Cape Town. To see for yourself watch the second season of Paul Hollywood city bakes taking place in Cape Town, which is set to air on Friday 28 July at 20:00.


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