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Lately I have been feeling a bit down. I moved into a new place, had to change my schedule and work-out plan and get used to the new surroundings. Now I don’t want to bore you with the details but I came to the conclusion that there has to be a change. The way I eat and the decision to consciously consume food was right on top of my list so it was ideal as I was able to score an invite to RAVISH – Gourmet Health Café. I went with friends of mine who value quality of food just as much as me, if not more and we met up on 7 – 11 Bree Street.

We were one of the first (and hungriest) to arrive and boy were we in for a visual treat. The food had been carefully selected and arranged on a huge table coming into the restaurant. Knowing that we were the first it was torture to wait until we felt it was safe and appropriate to take the first bite. You want to give everyone a chance to take some pictures and the two owners, Byron and Jason, kept on re-arranging the bite size goodies to make sure they look the best. It was adorable.

We used the time to speak to Storm (yes, that is her name and yes, it is totally awesome and I want to make it mine!!!), the chef and designer of the menu. She is lovely and made sure to talk us through the ingredients of each and every dish (no spoilers, I promised!). Storm had to make some changes in her diet years ago and during that process started looking into super foods and what they could do for her. Being a chef she got to experiment and travel from A-Z and then use her experience in her creations. She is an expert on raw, vegan, vegetarian or simply healthy food. One of her missions for Ravish was to ensure that everything on the menu is fresh and tastes delicious so you won’t find any deep fried food or canned products. Everything that is dished on your plate is made with flavour and care to ensure that you leave with that extra bit of energy which you did not know you were missing.

Having walked around the table of food for some time and feeling like starving lions, we decided it was time to eat a bit. I chose a salad with the cute name ‘Deelish Dish’ as a starter; a yummy dish with mixed greens, sliced citrus, avocado, mint, organic goat cheese, roasted salty walnuts and organic fennel. Having relished the salad I went on to the best and I mean The Best Vegetarian Burger I had eaten so far. You remember how the vegetarian burger used to be the redheaded stepchild of the industry? People needed to start to cater for vegetarians but they did not really feel much passion for that task, so the burger was never great. Well, welcome to the 21 century; this is absolutely not the case at Ravish. Note I am not a vegetarian but I loved these burgers so much that I had two. Ok, I am lying I had three (*blushing ever so slightly). It’s called the ‘Ravish Veg Burger’ and it is a homemade veg patty with smashed avo, rocket, tomato, pineapple salsa, organic micro greens and served with a side salad. We had the bunless option and it was amazing. Somehow the combo of the veg burger patty with the pineapple salsa did some serious magic to my taste buds.
On we went to try out the super smoothies. Storm had made two options from the menu for us to try. One named ’Buttercup’ with banana, dates, cocoa, superfood mesquite powder, vanilla, cashews, organic peanut butter and the other one called ‘Love potion’ with mixed berries, apple juice, paw paw, lemon, mint, chia seeds and lacuma powder. Both were amazing, but my favourite was ‘Buttercup’ and not just because I am a Princess Bride fan! We finished the evening with some chocolate truffles that were so good that I really hope that they will make their way onto the menu, just for your sake!
I love super foods but within reason and often it is time consuming and expensive to make a healthy and good meal so I am all for leaving it up to the experts once in awhile and just enjoying what they create. The prices at Ravish are definitely reasonable for the quality you get and range from R 45-80.

They even have a click and collect menu, including their awesome selection for raw juices and power smoothies (mix and match allowed, yeah!!!).

Have a look for yourself: //www.ravishfoods.co.za/click-collect/
No matter if you are extremely health conscious, have allergies, are on a certain diet or too lazy to make fresh and great food on your own, this one is for you! I can only highly recommend it and look forward to pop in for some more soon!

edit: added some pictures provided by Ravish

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