Cape Malay Food Market

Cape Malay Food Market Rediscovering Traditions


Zaida Tofie Kitchen TraditionsAfter our meeting with Zaida Tofie at the Cape Malay Food Market, we cannot wait to sample authentic Cape Malay cuisine from her kitchen! Zaida will be our host on the journey to rediscover Cape Malay traditions next Tuesday, March 26th.

PRICE: R165/person (includes 10% gratuity) ,  you are responsible for you own drink tab, NO ALCOHOL allowed

TIME: Gather from 18h30, dinner served at 19h00

RSVP now via Facebook or Contact Us directly to secure your seat at the dinner table!

Teaser Menu


  • Hand-wrapped Chicken/Mince Samosas, Daltjies
  • Traditional Cape Malay Boeber: rosewater infused milk with toasted almond


  • Lamb Denningvleis: tamarind sweet & sour braised lamb
  • Fish Curry
  • Lentil Bobotie
  • Grilled Vegetables


  • Potato pudding with stewed fruits & custard
  • Spiced koeksisters with coconut flakes

Susan Fay West QuoteZaida created new spaces to rediscover Cape Malay traditions

Taking a page from Susan Fay West”s book, Organize for a New Start, we looked deeper into Cape Quarter’s history as a physical space and learned some fascinating facts:

“Cape Malay architecture typifies the popular building type of the period and is quite unique to Cape Town. Remnants of these buildings have been preserved on CAPE QUARTER’s Waterkant Street facade and date back to the early 19th century.”

In the 1920s communities of Gujerati Indian descent used to live, work, and play in the now trendy De Waterkant neighbourhood. The intricate, decorative plaster cornice on building facades came from the hands of highly specialized Malay artisans.

A merry coincidence? You will get a chance to ask Zaida in person at next week’s dinner! See you soon~

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