The Burger Festival Valentine’s Day for burger fans


Just a quick write-up to cover my last event before leaving Cape Town and what an amazing last day it was!
HINT: You are allowed to skip the text and scroll right down to the pictures and sorry for the over the top photo editing but this was such a colorful, summery, awesome event that I felt the pictures just had to do it justice!

The event was held over the Valentine’s weekend, from Saturday 13th till Sunday 14th at the Jan Van Riebeek Hoerskool’s main rugby field, up in Tamboerskloof, just off the steep Kloof Nek Road, promising burgers, wine and beer as well as live entertainment for both days.

Initially, the list was made up of 25 burger vendors, 10 craft breweries, 10 wine estates and 10 artisan stands, though the final vendor only list featured the following vendors: Afro Caribbean Brewing Company, Stickman Brewery, Everson’s Cider, Darling Brewery, Marianne Wines,Pit Masters Restaurant, Island Way Sorbet, Skinny Scoop, Apollo Brewing Company, Long Beach Brewery, Drifter Brewing Company, Red Sky Brewery, Woodstock Brewery, Mondiall Burger Bar, Atlantic Storm Beer, Stone Circle Brewery, Rack n Grill, Fat Harry’s Restaurant and Bar, Villiera Wines, Sticky Fingers BBQ, Blasters, Wicked Waffle, Kitchen Cowboys, Lunchworks, Woodstock Gin Co., TRE Restaurant, Bean there drunk that and Wahine Food Truck.

One thing that became apparent on the day I visited was that the vendor list was noticeably smaller than expected and there were more drink stalls than food stalls. This received a mixed reaction from visitors, on the spot and on social media channels.

The first impression I made was that I had fallen in love with this venue. It’s gorgeously located with splendid views across Cape Town and Table Mountain itself makes for a majestic background to this amazing festival.


I made my way over to the VIP media lounge to say hello to Kelly Hartmann of Flavourful Events and get an update on the day’s timeline and was surprised with a media voucher which entitled me to a burger, dessert and drink from the stalls and a welcome cocktail. Talking about the welcome cocktail, that was something else! I’m not a huge Jägermeister fan but seeing that it was only part of a delicious mix of passion fruit, vodka and several other ingredients I gave it a try and I must say it was divine.

Next I strolled across the field looking for a few friends I was supposed to meet here while checking out the different stands, making up my mind what to try first. Something that struck me as odd was that a few different stalls did not accept the media vouchers which was a bit surprising.

So here is what I had and I have absolutely no regrets: 

  • a polynesian burger from the Wahine Food Truck, an amazingly delicious burger topped with smoked pulled pork, the answer to the burger or pulled-pork question – an incredible combination of flavors
  • a pomegranate cider from Everson’s Cider the best and most refreshing summer drink ever
  • a belgian waffle topped with banana and a lava-salt-caramel sauce from Wicked Waffle

I have to say that I had an amazing day and felt that they could not have picked a more ideal and breathtaking venue to host this first-time festival. The vibe was relaxed and entirely enjoyable and everyone I saw seemed to be enjoying their Valentine’s Day here, whether they were talking with friends and loved ones, tucking into tasty food, joking with vendors or sitting on the grass listening to the live music performances.

If you missed the Burger Festival, keep an eye out for the next one. For more info about the Burger Festival, follow The Burger Festival or Flavourful Events on social media or see the Flavourful Events website:

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