The Chef’s Table at Dash Restaurant & Bar


Sometimes we are invited to a somewhat very special dining experience. This was the case as I opened my invite to dine at Dash. The restaurant is named after Queen Victoria’s first dog, a King Charles Spaniel and makes a beautiful name for this wonderful establishment.

The end of the year is always somewhat hectic and out of a sudden appointment next to appointment materializes in the diary. So, I was rushing to arrive in time for my evening at the Queen Victoria Hotel near the Waterfront. The moment I entered the hotel all the stress of the day vanished. Relaxing music, lovely staff and a fish bowl sized glass with the prettiest Gin and Tonic (with Six Dogs Gin) I ever had – made it impossible to continue to worry about deadlines. I settled in my chair and said my hellos.

Shortly after we were given a tour in order to get our appetite up and to get to know the hotel. Queen Victoria Hotel & Manor House is incredible close to the Waterfront. A couple of steps and you set foot right in the middle of the buzz. Return to the hotel and you will experience peace and tranquility that one does not usually connect with the Waterfront. Service is still spelled in capital letters here and you can ask for almost anything. Well except perhaps a bath.

Drumroll! The hotel is doing all it can to educate their guest about the terrible drought we are experiencing, and it is refreshing to know that the staff stands their ground to save water as much as they can. They even ask the guests to leave any plastic bottles with water and recycle those too.

Upon returning to the restaurant we were seated and got to meet the new Chef Albert Bronkhorst of the restaurant. While scarce in words he managed to win our hearts with his creations. My favorite two dishes of the 6-course dinner were unmistakably his Mushroom Port Soup with textures of wild mushrooms (R 115) and the Chermoula Lamb Wellington (R 230). I believe the mushrooms were partially soaked in orange juice and the rich broth complemented the texture and sweetness of the meal. The Lamb Wellington was cooked to perfection and it was accompanied by braised red cabbage, asparagus and sauce béarnaise.

While the meals are not large they are big enough to fill you up quite quickly and I have to admit that I was unable to finish it all. However, I was unable to say no to the cheese board with local cheeses, preserves, biscuits (R 155) that was presented next to dessert. Considering the quality and setting of the restaurant I believe that the pricing is quite competitive and well worth it. It is definitely a place to spoil your loved ones for a very special treat.

Another highlight of the evening was that we got to meet the creators of Creation Wines. My best friend is an avid fan and I did ask if we can come and visit them. Guess where I am going next?

Upon receiving the invite, I had been asked to provide the name and size of my dog. While my husband and I really want a dog, this has not been possible as of yet and I sadly ticket the ‘not applicable’ box. As last surprise of the evening we got to unpack beautiful purple leather dog collars (original Hunter Benningtons) each with the name of the dog engraved. Mine said ‘Dash’. I take this as a sign that we will get a dog soon and the naming will not be difficult.

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