The Harfield Village Carnival


Harfield Village is around the corner from where I used to live and is absolutely adorable. If you have never been, imagine small white washed cottages with beautiful yards growing colourful flowers and vines ranking around the car ports. Everything is a miniature version of a normal house, even the streets are smaller than average which can make parking a bit of an issue. In short, I absolutely adore Harfield Village so it is only natural that I visited the Carnival religiously over the past 2 years. This year I got invited via Food and Chatter. An opportunity I just had to take advantage of!

We ventured off to Harfield on a rather cloudy day. As it usually gets quite busy I welcomed the open street on 2nd Avenue and room for movement. Small stalls had been build up with great care and love, presenting their products to the passing-by customers. The atmosphere was carefree and relaxing and I gladly had a peek at this and that. I especially loved the variety of goods and food that was ready to be purchased. From clothing items too lovely candles in reused bottles, you name it!

After walking up a bit of an appetite we started sampling the many options the media pass allowed us to try and boy let me tell you – this was actually a task we struggled to complete! How about that for a first?

You can never go wrong with Chili Poppers so we started with that. Zapata brought us a lovely little plate along with a beautiful Margarita and some beer. The sun had come out in the meantime and we chilled and listened to one of the many life music events that were sampled extremely well.

In the mood for more we went on to my favourite sushi restaurant. Sakura is a small but delicious little place and I enjoyed my portion of edible happiness.

On to the next place we passed the Loco Lounge. This adorable restaurant had been on my to-do list for some time so we followed the owner’s recommendation and sampled some beautifully arranged Taco-Kisses that melted in my mouth while walking along the street, paired with a Brutal Fruit Margarita.

Stuffed to the brink we needed to take a rather long break. We sat down, chatted, listened some more to the live music and walked in our own pace. Slowly the place filled up and we decided to take the rest of the food to go as I do not enjoy crowds.

We visited Da Vinci to collect the best Chitadew I ever tasted (a garlic bread with peppadews and a wee bit of cheese – Yum Yum) as well as a delicious Braised Steak and Onion Roll from The Avenue that I kind of enjoyed for breakfast (hehe, I was simply too full to eat it earlier – one has to watch one’s shape!!!).

There were even more options to try and eat from but we simply could not manage to try them all. I guess we have to come back next year for this very reason! All in all make sure to not miss out the next time as this is a great Saturday activity for old and young.

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