#TrySomethingNew with FuzeTea Surprise menu at Mynt Cafe


Food & Chatter joined Fuze Tea™ at their #TrySomethingNew launch!

We were treated to a unique taste experience at Mynt Café in Camps Bay, Cape Town last Saturday 25 October! As part of Fuze Tea’s #TrySomethingNew campaign,  they had booked out the restaurant and invited guests to step outside their comfort zones – by ordering a mystery meal off their ‘surprise menu’!  With our last Dinner In the Dark at Keenwa, Chatters were blindfolded, led into a dark room and relied on their other four sense. It was great to have the table switched on us with Fuze Tea!

What is Fuze Tea’s #TrySomethingNew philosophy? 

These beautifully crafted cocktails with delicate flavours were a fantastic surprise! Have you ever tasted an Elderflower Sour?

Next up, we had to choose between beef, fish or vegetarian mains.  If it were up to Ovi & myself, we would probably not give guests ANY hints on what they were about to taste! This way, the surprise menu becomes an adventure while your tastebuds take a spin around the globe!

  • Chicken breasts with a lemon butter and oregano sauce, served with roast vegetables and crushed baby potatoes

  • A 300g rump steak in a mild red wine and Portuguese sauce, with fresh chilli and garlic, topped with an egg and fries

We basked in the sunshine, overlooking Camps Bay’s surf chasers and volleyball players.  It was a beautiful Saturday, and we were thoroughly spoilt with these delicious treats while sipping on Fuze Tea™ cocktails!

Are you ready to #TrySomethingNew ?

Join the Fuze Tea challenges, there are some fantastic prizes up for grab!  Share the love and get your mates involved  with @FuzeTea & #TrySomethingNew!

Till next time!

Lisa & Ovi

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Ovi is a passionate hobby cook and always looking to re-create and modify every dish he tastes! Ovi is a big subscriber to fusion food, and sometimes he just feels like whipping up one of his childhood favorites: a fusion of Romanian/German dishes.
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