Tuning The Vine now with lots of new venues and wines


Following the success of the first two Tuning the Vine events in 2015 it was only a matter of time that other venues would be trying to catch up with its success. This time 21 instead of 13 places opened up their doors for wine lovers. Those are a lot of bars to try to go to in one night, so chose wisely!

Usually I am more of a one on one person, especially for events like this. However, word got around and we ended up being a few more people for the last Tuning the Vine of the year. We started off at the Taj getting our awesome glasses (I started having a small collection at home – yeah).  As this is a beautiful venue we made sure to quench our thirst with a few samples of delicious wine right there.
We started with Paul Cluver’s Gewurtztraminer: imagine a surprising combination of rose petal, litchi, cucumber, summer melon and mango. A light wine that does not take itself to serious, the perfect chilled summer vine!  They also had a lovely Riesling but the Gewurtztraminer was my favourite of their range. We then moved on to the Taj’s vine vault where we got to try Oldenburg vines. They had a stunning Chardonnay 2013 to offer with aromas of orange marmalade and Melba toast, with a slight splash of cumin seed in the background. Absolutely delicious!

As it was a wonderful summer evening we moved on to Honest Chocolate, my favourite place of happiness. Unfortunately it was already very full so we moved on quite quickly, off course only after having some of their chocolate.

In passing we visited Bocca and got a top up on the road from my friend’s favourite winery and went straight to the venues that were new on the Tuning the Vine list. Being a bigger group we moved a bit slower and did not make it very far but that was not a problem as we got to spent more time at the next two locations.

Jason’s Bakery had homemade pies and our absolute favourite wine of the evening. Saboteur made by Luddites. The name alone keeps you intrigued! From the gorgeous label to the first sip, this vine is a perfect all-rounder.

The first sip will make you fall in love with it and hope to never have to taste anything less tasteful again.

I cannot stop raving about this wine and hope to see much more of them in the future. It’s that delicious! You must absolutely buy it for your Christmas dinner and will probably blow all your guests away!

We ended our evening with some delicious cheese and Hermanuspetersfontein wine at Palama, giving me the feel of being back in Europe. People were sitting happily under beautiful lit trees. Everyone enjoying life, having a glass of red or white and occasionally having a bite of lovely cheese paired with even better bread.  Happily we took an Uber home!

Are you sad to have missed the event? I can imagine. Thankfully we had a chance to chat to Shereen. She is the one that brought us Tuning the Vine and the unsung hero behind it all. We begged her to keep it going and I am happy to say it will (we did not had to twist her arm too hard though)! So make this part of your bucket list for 2016!


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