Tuning the Vine back from hibernation


Tuning the Vine has awoken from their winter sleep and they are back with a bang! Wohooo. Excitedly my best friend Semwano and I ventured onto the #InnerCityWineRoute to explore some of the wines of our region.

For those of you who don’t know, Tuning the Vine is a wine tasting tour in the inner city of Cape Town. One puts on comfy shoes and walks from one stylish bar to the next and tastes the great products from wine producers all over the Western Cape and if you had enough you call yourself an Uber to get home safely in case you had a wee bit too much to drink.

We started by getting our tickets at 91 Loop Street. You will be pleased to hear that Tuning the Vine made a couple of changes in order to make the event better and more accessible for everyone. The price went up a little – now hear me out before screaming bloody murder – the reason why I think this is good is economical. One of the first business principles you ever learn in economics is that you can have either quality or quantity. Never both. Tuning the Vine decided to opt for quality, however, this also means one has to spend a bit more money on a ticket.
With the price increase as well as the limited tickets that are sold, you now have less people participating. This also means more wine that you get to taste, less of a hurry to fill your glass, a controlled crowd and a chance to actually get to know the wine and a bit of its history. I’d pay for that any time of the day and much rather have space to enjoy myself than pay less and fight to get to the counter. Their new wrist bands have become something especially pretty to look at. They also added little plastic chips onto them so that one can’t just pitch up with the glass from last year in order to get a freebie. The people manning the stands are now asking to scan your wrist band, which in turn gives them insight on your little walk about as well as if you can have some vino. All in all, a great progress to make the evening even more fun for everyone involved.

Semwano and I tried some lovely vines at 91 Loop Street. They even had a new canned cocktail by the name of Über with various flavours. I tried Litchi because: why not (very yummy by the way!) and then we went on to explore. We passed by The Sneaky Sausage and had another go at some vino at Roast & Co followed by HQ. I am pretty sure my palate was still affected by the recent antibiotics I had taken for a nasty flue I caught. Red wine, usually my favourite, was not as enjoyable for me on this night. I kept my distance from it and asked for white. Ha, that will show you – bloody flue!
My favourite part about Tuning the Vine is that you are able to walk from A to B in town with your wine glass in hand. There is plenty of people around, gorgeous fairies to look at, bedazzlers creating glitter faces (yes, you could get your rhinestone beauty on!) and off course plenty of wine that you may or may not have heard of. No matter what, Tuning the wine has always something new in store and is well worth a visit.

Our catch of the night was the Inge Chardonnay of Baleia wines at the Burger Bar.

This gem of a wine farm near Riversdale (yes, I am going to visit!!!) made our night and we savoured many sips. All of their wines are fantastic but Inge won our hearts.
We ended our night at Burger and Lobster quite early as I was still not completely recovered. They had a 10% discount if you showed your Tuning the Vine wristband. This was not to be missed as I absolutely adore their food and their Crème Brule!

So, are you keen to join us next time around? Make sure you get your tickets early then! Tuning the Vine dates are already set and will take place on 11 Oct / 8 Nov /13 Dec this year and 11 Apr / 9 May & 13 Jun next year. At the moment they run from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. You can get your tickets online under: for R 230 or just rock up at one of their announced stations (they change so check beforehand and you might not be lucky to get a ticket anymore) to purchase your tickets for R 250.

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