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3 Tips to cooking delicious food (with FUN!) Cooking with UCook


Are you a busy, young professional living in the city with no time to cook?

Do you drool over delicious, beautifully plated food?

Wish you could be on Master Chef or Come Dine With Me but don’t have the cooking skills?

U Cook

Life can be difficult as a foodie. Since starting Food and Chatter in 2012, I have started to eat out at restaurants more often than I cooked at home.  When you meet passionate people who learned to make pasta before they are tall enough to reach the kitchen counters, dim sum magicians or a Master Chef, you start doubting if there’s a point to attempt cooking at all!  I was meeting new people in Cape Town and hearing stories from amazing chefs, independent eatery owners and farmers – but it’s a different experience preparing ingredients and cooking in the comfort of your home.  The more I craved for comfort food, the more I missed cooking at home.

While planning our Mzansi Race – a treasure hunt around Cape Town in December 2014, we discovered UCook!  UCook is a foodie’s dream packed in a box, signed and delivered to your front door. They take the stress, pain and time spent at Woolworth’s check-out queue out of the equation.

Their promise is simple: Make cooking delicious food fun and stress-free!

U Cook Box

During the December holidays, we took a break from hosting events and enjoyed the holiday season with family and friends.  I’ve always joked that “I am a better eater than I am a cook,”  and you will usually find me mingling in the garden instead of hustling in the kitchen.  I was ready to put UCook to the test – will this be the answer to Cooking for Dummies?  Can I really follow the step-by-step instructions and cook up droolicious treats shown on the recipe cards?

I couldn’t resist ordering the Pork & Ginger Stir Fry with Spinach & Mixed Peppers – one of my favourite dishes!  The Oven Baked Salmon with Grilled Leeks & Fresh Salsa was ready to swim out of my laptop screen, and anything with a spicy Latin flair will compliment Cape Town’s sizzling hot summer days.

Food Glory Awaits. The Secret Ingredient Is You.

 Salmon with Grilled Leeks & Fresh Salsa

The U Cook team handpicks the freshest produce on delivery day, with each ingredient weighed, measured and packed according to the recipe card. If you are a new hand in the kitchen like me, you will soon learn that cooking does not have to be so daunting once you lay out all the ingredients!   Now, time to roll-up your sleeves and GET COOKING!

Salmon seasoned

Healthy piece of salmon-160g serving

Salmon salsa

Salsa tip: pour boiling water over raw onion to remove bitterness

Final Salmon

Voila! It wasnt as difficult as I imagined – it looks like the recipe card!

Are you ready to cook? Check out UCook’s gourmet weekly Menu and try it yourself!

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Enjoy 😉

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Lisa Huang
Lisa moved from Chicago (USA) to Cape Town in late 2010, narrowly missing the FIFA World Cup. She had never traveled to the African continent and was ready for a new adventure!

Born in Tainan, the gourmet capital of the tropical island of Taiwan, Lisa has fond memories of family gatherings over endless feasts. She believes food is the common language to unite people, and loves to make new friends over shared meals.

Lisa founded Food and Chatter in 2012 out of her dream to connect people through food. After all, no matter which city you choose to live in, it is the people that make a place truly memorable!
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